Friday, January 31, 2014

Ewa Sonnet - Back to Basics

The Secretary is Back

Some Fantasy at last

After a bunch of pathetic videos, alterning bad taste clothes and flange eroticism through badly assumed Soft Porn, the Polish busty babe Beata Dabroswka gets back to basics and safe values for her newest Alias "EWA SONNET" realease.

 No need though to runsh and spend $ 19 to watch a video after all now commonplace on the Web but absolutely exceptional yet in its pitiful catalog, as directed and imagined by babdly inspired Manager and Pygamlion Przemek Ristok .
Which lets you easily imagine the quality (well if that word still makes sense) of all other content! As usual, in a few days this video will leak on torrents and other sites Streaming ...

 As always, anonymous and tasteless Hotel Room with closed Curtains, no soundtrack, no camera moves and a morn facial expression as dynamic as the udder of a cow ...

But lovers of lingerie and large breasts will certainly find their share... or just the taste of it !

 PS: yes I don't care and this is normal. Can not take it in the first degree! :) We're Parody after all :)


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