Friday, August 9, 2013

New Website ? Epic Fail !

Epic Fail

Already an Epic fail : the new website just opened And its already down.
Looks like someone hit the low budget services again …
Ah, mister P. And his precious :D
À bit too much like Gollum, right ?

Out of the Closet ? Not quite

The upcoming “new” website, though already showing holes and defaults, is also revealing some intriguing facts :

they are at last some DECENT quality pictures showing after all these years.

So, the question is :
did they finally hired a pro photograph, did they change or update their equipment  or just learned that without quality, the fans will leave ? they are so much amateur wanna be pornstars on the web that competition is fierce …

Clearly, the same shit will surface again, as proven by release of the “police woman” teaser today : same old, same old.

Bad quality picture, Hotel, Room, that ” Closet ” thing again  (is it where Beata sleeps and lives, just like Harry Potter ?”

So it seems it's only POLISHing Knob again... same old shit, pictures from archives and, from time to time, some new stuff.

And of course, as always, all communication handled by Przemek Ristok herself :)    Don't ever imagine Beata Dabrowska sharing some private moments or just candids with her fans on Instagram, videos on Vine or even real time chat on Twitter which is obviously run by an automated update process...


And as the Grand openning was yesterday, decided to take a look..

And the fun part is that the domain now refers to another website!!  Extra Lol :!!!!

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