Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Aw, it hurts !

AW ! it Hurts !!

Seems that not happy to be a lame model,   Ewa Sonnet (Beata Dabrowska) also has bad taste in style !

check out  !

Knocked Up?
Could Ewa Sonnet brought new trend from overseas?Even so, we see it for the first time - in terms of pants with wide legs tucked into narrow, short Musketeers boots , in addition todownloaded drawstrings. At least of a comical effect, this is somehow not convincing.
Therefore we advise you not to follow this example ! Just as you do not choose jackets with sleeves ending in the middle of your hand and cover up lashes in "I have legs." style ! 
At least we can add that the skin looks healthy and well maintained. "

Indeed !!  Definlty looks like a little someone has put up some serious weight !!

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