Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Man behind the Mask

Ewa Sonnet is in fact not even Beata Dabrowska.

Ewa Sonnet is a persona created by Przemek Ristok. He is who all communication is with when you appear to be having conversations with ES, you are speaking with a man.
Beata Dabrowksa does not have communication with anyone. She barely speak English.

Many members in the inner circle of the ES group are aware of this. But most of you still may think you are in contact with the woman in the pictures. Let me assure you that every comment and Private Message is intervened upon by Przemak Ristok and let me tell you he has a good laugh over it.
This includes the “kisses” she sends out to you. I say EWWWWWW. Kisses coming from a bald old man who enjoys these sick head games. Not very appetizing!

Here ya go, send him a message and lets see how he responds. Just try for the hell of it.

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