Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Oh Irony !

Ewa Sonnet (well, her manager - Przemek Ristok - behind the keyboard of course) is complaining about filthy money making  on his Creature's Twitter account ...

 Oh #Irony :)

and just in case it gets suddenly deleted :

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Shake That Ass... Again

The latest videos from the infamous duo show Ewa Sonnet Walking around another anonymous rented apartment, carrying around a GoPro… which means 2 things : 
  •  - you will soon be offered another $5 POV video 
  •  - just another plain video of her dancing mindlessly and erratically to some dumb bad music background 

 She might appear naked but don't be tot excited though...  nothing more to see...

Sunday, May 4, 2014

It's Morphing Time

Oh yes, have you noticed how all of a sudden Przemek releases more and more stuff ?

Wonde why ? Very simple, he's desperate to bring people back to his milk Cow, the once beautiful and shy Beata Dabrowska, aka Ewa Sonnet.

So the more you will see of her online, the more you'll reach its website and, luckily, spend some money on her !!

The new website is awful, leaks everywhere, unfinished (have you tried the Mobile version... lol ) and  absolutely not user  friendly.

As for her live events, inexistent. One or two lingerie shows and it was done.

So now, after buying themselves a GoPro and never figuring what to do about it until the "Honey" series (finally something decent), now they pull out the Drone...  and same lame use of it!

why not letting it film her nude on the beach, like a spy cam ? That could be interesting, but no... just plain pics taken from altitude.

anyway, enough talk, here's some parody and fun for you, for his little green mermaid ;)

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Now this is what happens in the latest updates of the real ewa sonnet : full nude on the beach again, or wearing bad taste stockings and lingerie...
They really don't kwow where to go, switching from a secretary fantasy to old panama stuff where she plays totally nude in the waves again.

Take a look at the "secretary series"...  She is not even glamourous, she can't stop moving, getting on the chair, getting down, sitting, getting up...  and when she starts undressing, just take a look at her underwear : not  even matching bra with pants !!

 So, as we've already long told you, she's now going full nude... just wait a few more month and she'll get frontal nude... expect some VIP special pictures or video... a new pay to see ewa fully nude, and soon, you will be paying to see Przemeck make her spread her legs for your... It's gonna be BEAVER TIME soon ! :D

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ewa Sonnet - The Air Sex Secretary

Wonder what the New "Secertary" Videos of Beata Dabrowska - aka 3wa Sonnet - look like ? Easy : bad air sex !